My little boy is a handful.  He was the easiest sweetest baby you'd ever meet.  Then, he started walking.  Now - he's 2 years old and 100% boy & absolutely a wild man!  He breaks anything new I buy immediately, rubs food all over endless things, but he still gives the sweetest kisses & hugs.  Oh and now he says I love you Mommy - I love it!

He also loves to shake his booty and dance.  We also can not drive anywhere without a Jason Mraz CD on so Ev can sing.  I agree with his thoughts here.

He made me just feel awful as a Mom recently.

I dropped his sister off in her sweet tutu at her dance & tumbling class & he burst into tears.  He bawled for 15 minutes straight about how he wants to dance!  The poor boy can't sign up for classes until he's completely potty trained.  I told him this, but he's just not convinced.  We are working on it and he does really well, but he's not consistent.  So until then - I'm afraid I'll have many a dance nights with a bawling boy who just wants to dance!