I often get asked by people that visit my house - "How do you pick your paint colors?"

Well, I'll be very honest - when we built - I originally had different paint colors in mind. I was leaning toward colors, but much less punchy & dramatic than what I actually did. I was thinking of pale turquoises, greens, & yellows.

What changed my mind was a visit to my local Ace store. They had these brochures of "personalities". I can't remember their names, but things like Casual, Modern, Timeless, Worldly, Dynamic - you get the point. These were basically fold outs with prepainted & decorated rooms with these themes of paint colors. I kept being drawn in to the brochure with the really outrageous & bold colors. I just couldn't get over how much I loved them. I believe my favorite was Worldly. However, I kept thinking - Can I pull this off? Is it me? What if I hate it?

Then, my husband said - if you hate it - we repaint, and my Mom said - go with what you love. I kept being drawn to the bold colors - so I went with it. Then the battle was on to which bold color goes where.

The week I delivered Everett - Jade took a week off of work. Then, he painted most of that week with my sisters & brother in law. I asked my Mom to come visit Everett for an hour & I went to our new house to check out my paint choices. I melted the moment I walked in the door. I remember thinking - this is so perfect. Every color was just right. I was thrilled!

So - here are my colors - and yes I ALWAYS carry paint swatches in my purse - for a just in case moment! When we built - I wanted textured knock down walls. It's not normal perhaps, but I like to "redecorate" a bit too much & nail holes are always an issue so my knock down hides that! I think the knock down really plays with my paint colors in wonderful ways. Plus, in real life my paint is bold, but not electric or shocking like some of my photos show. Even with a cool turquoise color - it feels warm and cozy. I hope my photos in the new year with a new camera improve!

(please note - this is a photo from my summer look - but it still portrays the paint in my foyer)

So here we go - all from Ace unless noted otherwise:

Living Room/Kitchen/Foryer: a dark turquoise - Forgotten Secret A38-5
Master Bedroom: a fun green - Limeheart B29-5
Master Bathroom: One shade lighter green than master - Picture Perfect B29-4
Aubrie's Room: a cornflower blue - Patch of Blue A43-5
Everett's Room: a barn red - Lady in Red A11-7
Kids' Bathroom: a basic tan - Dulce De Leche B20 (Kilz Brand)
Basement: a fun canary yellow: Thai Silk 91212 (Walmart)
Laundry Room: truly tide orange - Indian Paintbrush A17-6
Basement Bathroom: very girly pink - Toni's Smile A8-4

Oh - and if you read this and you need someone to create names for new paint colors in their spare time - please call me b/c I'm available!