I love our red house.  Red is my favorite color & siding it red was so perfect for me.  It's bold and different, and I love how it looks.  It's gorgeous in the Summer with patriotic flags, but it looks it's best in the winter with greenery!  Today it snowed & I wish I had that as the picture b/c I LOVE our house in the snow!  Now that it's landscaped - it's just wonderful!

Here is the porch all dolled up.  We of course have Jesus out front & wreaths on the windows & the eve.  Last night I went out in the cold & setup a light up Santa & 9 little trees  down the left side of our landscaping.  My kids about died they were so surprised!  Aubrie said and I quote "Oh my goodness!  It's Beautiful!!" 

I love filling things with greenery, lights & large ornaments - they just sparkle at night.  Both adirondacks hold wreaths b/c honestly we aren't sitting out here anymore!

This basket stand is amazing!  In the summer it always holds a HUGE fern, and in the winter I fill it up with lights, and ornaments.  It's gorgeous lit up!

Last but not least - every porch swing needs to be showed off as well!

PS - I also lied - so sorry!  I'm still working on pictures of my Mom's house, they are to come soon.  I went to take pictures yesterday, but she was getting a flat screen TV installed - I know sucks to be her right!  So it was a mess!  But soon I promise your socks will fly off your feet in excitement!