I had teased you around Thanksgiving about something coming - something big for our family!

Well - My husband quit his job...
And - This is an AWESOME thing!

He is starting a land surveying business in Shelbyville with his good friend.  This has been a long time coming, and I know this is an exceptional move for our family!  They are both very dedicated and hard workers.  Their business will be whatever they make it.  I'm very excited!

My only job in the process is to decorate.  Thank goodness that's my only job!

Here is the Before:
 (I know so sexy right with 2 layers of nasty old carpet & a stripe of missing drywall tape)

Here is my plan for a professional & sleek surveying office:

We are going with a darker gray on the walls called Acropolis.
We will use black & brown for accents & white trim paint.
Brand new laminate flooring - voila!
We got some really HOT waiting area chairs for their clients from Walmart - boo ya $80 each.
They have old industrial metal gray desks.  I haven't seen these babies, but I'm hoping they are like the one below, or I may need to spray paint them.
We plan to do black and white artwork of our town - it's very historic with the courthouse & dam.  These will be framed in black with white mats.
We have a sleek table & lamp for the waiting area.

We are still in the "fixing" up stages, but we have a plan.  When we are finished I will share the new office of Hammand & Reid Land Surveying, Ltd. with you all!

FYI - it's in the land surveying bylaws that they can't advertise at all, so I'm not putting a plug in for them today if you need surveying work in central IL!  ha ha!