My baby girl is all grown up. She has her own full sized bed, but she chooses to sleep with her brother in his full sized bed. They look like this most nights!
I ran into these old pictures today, and thought I'd share.
When we first had Aubrie, we lived in a trailer in the country. For a trailer it was pretty nice, it was open & had cathedral ceilings, 2 bathrooms & 3 bedrooms. It was our temporary home until we had a real house that was all ours. We lived there from the spring of 2004 to October 5, 2007. I still know the exact date that we moved!

She had the most beautiful nursery in this trailer! It was filled with pink, crystals, antiques, & white furniture. I was so excited to bring her home to this tiny 10' x 8' room. My Mom helped me set it up, and before I had her I would just come in this room to sit and admire all her things.
As beautiful as it was - she slept one night in here. She was a difficult baby & only slept while being held. We did the shared family bed. At 11 months she first slept through the night! At age 1, she got a twin bed & did better with her sleeping. We had to lay with her until she was asleep & she often wandered to our room later in the night. When we moved to our new house we got her a full sized bed & started a new bedtime routine. She really did great as long as we laid with her! Now - she sleeps with her brother & it is a blessing for everyone. Aubrie for the most part never in our bed - praise the lord! Even better - her little brother was a champ sleeper and always slept in his crib!