I married an older man. 

He's not afraid of climbing through Jack's beanstalk with the kids - even when he obviously doesn't fit!

He's not afraid of wearing an oh so hot bandana all over the St. Louis Zoo on the hottest day of the year.  Yes ladies - he often sports bandanas throughout the summer - I am that lucky!

But...I think he can't believe he'll be 30 this year.  I think he may be afraid of 30.  So I'm asking you for help.  Any great ideas to surprise him with?  I have some great gifts already purchased - I'm an organized plan months in advance type of girl with gifts, but I need a date idea.  I really wanted to take him away for a weekend in Nashville.  His birthday is January 2nd so it would be a great weekend to go.  However, our big life adventure officially starts January 4th so I'm doubting he will be game.  Help a girl out.  Give me some great ideas of how to surprise him.  Trust me - he doesn't even know blogging is a virtual world so this will all be secret to him!