My sister Abbie is amazing.  She loves to paint and she whipped up this giant man painting for who else - my man!  We asked her to paint a picture of this painting we loved, and she painted this.  It's nothing like what we asked for, but it's even better!  The color is great and the size is even better.  Jade has owned this since the summer of 2003.  He's proudly displayed in our bedroom

I also asked Abbie for some bathroom art.  She created these two paintings.  They crack me up and are hanging in our toilet room.  The color is fun, and the paintings are unique.

This is more of a found art.  I bought this I think on E-bay when I was first married.  It hangs in our laundry "Tide" room.  It cracks me up and is oh so fitting with Aubrie's vision. 

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