My kids are TV heads.  They love to lounge in their most hideous recliners and watch hours of Noggin.
Diego, Dinosaur Train, Wow Wow Wubzy - all precious in our home. 

I'm happy to say that come Christmas - these two mismatched nasty recliners will be out of my home.  Trust me - I've tried to move them without the kids noticing - they always notice & freak out!!  So - I splurged.  The kids are getting two brand spanking new leather recliners that match!  Since they have to sit in the middle of my living room as features for all my visitors at least they will match & be some what attractive.  However, you have to feel for my kids - who really wants a recliner for Christmas?! 

I forgot the funny story - so I have edited the post & added to it.  They also fight over whose chair sits closer to the TV (in the picture above the left chair is closer which is Aubrie's chair).  One day one of the grandma's traded the chair positions.  Aubrie was NOT happy that her chair was further from the TV - the entire 2 feet.  We made them sit in their own chairs & Aubrie continually complained she couldn't see the TV (no her glasses don't impact this at all - she's just a pistol!)  We kept catching her watching the TV though - Jade would say, "Hey Aubrie what are you watching?"  She would respond, "Nothing!  I can't see the TV!"  She would say it over & over!  Talk about - that's my story & I'm sticking to it!  Since the big argument, somehow her chair has regained it's throne position.  Now poor Everett can't see the TV!

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