Trudie Claudette.
I adopted her when she was 6 months old and I was 20.  The people that paid serious cash for her - also are the people that abused her - ignorant.  She was teeny teeny tiny, her collar was so tight she had no hair on her neck, she was bone thin, and freakishly weird.  She has been our baby for 7 years now.  She's very gray and she's still a stink.  She thinks she's a child - well she's kind of right.  She's a 5 state model - I'm not even lying here.  I used to be a pet supplies buyer & she was a dog sweater model for our weekly sales ad in 5 states.  She's hot stuff.  We adore her.  She's a black pug - amazingly great with wild kids.  She barks like she's a pitbull at strangers, but sits on their lap the rest of the night.  She's unique and funny, snores and snorts - she's one of our best friends!

The Duke of Ettes - AKA Duke
He just came to our home Labor Day weekend.  He has his title b/c all our female dogs - meaning my sisters and mine are females & their middle names are something-ette - Claudette, Bassette, Wynette - you get the picture.  So he came to us as Duke and became a Duke of Ettes!

He's a big boy - not going to lie.  He's super sweet though and also deals well with the kids.  When I say kids - I really mean Everett.  He's rough and tough and loves the dogs a bit too much.  Duke mainly sniffs around all day, and then sleeps on the couch or any available bed.  His bark/howl is intense!  It scares the crap out of me at night, but I like it.  He's a serious watchdog packing some mean sounding barks and growls - it's scary if you don't know him!  He's also a lard.  Once he is in your bed, you seriously CAN NOT move him.  Unfortunately, he has slept too many nights in between Jade and I.  Coonhound paws in your back all night are in no way comfortable.  I think it's because her seriously is in love with my husband - they spoon.  Why wouldn't you want to spoon Jade?