So in my last blog I shared with you my love of two things...bold colors & rusty metal.  Here is a peak at my living room.  It's a very bold turquoise.  Unfortunately, I hate my camera and it does play with the color a bit too much.  The walls are a really cozy turquoise if you can imagine that.  My living room is open to my kitchen with a big U shaped stair case in the center of our home trimmed in white.  I really love everything about the room.  Especially the color!!

This picture features artwork by my sister Maggie.  I loved the cow print I believe in a CB2 catalog so Maggie & her husband recreated it for me as a Christmas gift.  I bought this metal like sawhorse at 3rd Sunday Market in Bloomington.  I can't remember what I paid - I think $75.  I don't know why, but I LOVED it immediately.  It's weird how that happens.  My Mom always says buy what you love and it will all work together - funny how that's true!  I paired it with 2 really rusty toolboxes and some favorite books that mark my style.  It's kind of a simple look, but it makes me oh so happy.

These are my newest purchase.  For years, which my husband mocks me b/c it's probably been 2 years but I say years like it's been 20, I have wanted some old metal fans.  A collection of fans has been such a dream - weird I know.  I have found them all over, but people always wanted $45 and up each!  Insane because I don't care if they work.  I found these for $15 total - I was THRILLED.  It was one of those moments where the vendor tells you the price and you about pee your pants saying - I'll take them!  I was so happy!  They are proudly featured on top of our coat cabinet in my foyer.

This last picture is to show you my curtains.  The couch and picture and all that I like too - uber comfy, but oh my - my curtains!  I'm not sure I can put it into words how much I love them!  I saw them at Ikea and didn't buy them - stupid me since I hardly ever get to see an Ikea!  I should have listened to my mom here & bought them immediately!  I had to make my cousin go back and buy me enough for my living room and dining room since they are all open to each other.  They are lined and only $30 for 2 panels - STEAL!  They seriously make the personality of my living room!  The turquoise with the shades of green & red - LOVE IT!! 
So you've seen my favorite parts of my living room.  Trust me there is more too it, but these are my latest and greatest finds!  Notice the gray metal trends - what's up with that?!?  If it wasn't so darn fabulous and addictive - I'd have to go shopping!

Importance of Eye Health - Do it for your babies!!

I like to include a bit about my house and my family in each blog so this one will feature my beautiful, sassy/mouthy, and super sweet Aubrie.  This is my first opportunity to introduce her glasses to you all in a more serious post.  She got her glasses at 20 months on the same I delivered Everett which is an entirely different story.  However, up until this point my beautiful baby girl was putting puzzles together upside down (amazing I know!), loved books, and was super smart!  I NEVER would have guessed she had a vision problem.  She started crossing her eyes at 18 months and I thought she was doing it to be funny.  I was wrong.  Kids this young don't ever cross their eyes for fun.  I was shocked to find out that her prescription is +5.75 in both eyes. 
It was heartbreaking for me as her Mom.  I imagined all these ridiculous things - her not being as cute with glasses, being teased at school, how to handle them breaking....the list goes on and on.  Boy was I wrong - she's ADORABLE with glasses!  Better yet - she can see!  The week she got glasses her vocabulary exploded it was amazing! 
So moral of the story for you Moms out there - get your babies' eyes tested!  Pediatricians RARELY catch vision issues which impact so much of their development!  Opthamologists suggest eye screenings by age 1 - it is completely safe and trust me worth every penny you spend to be sure your baby can see!

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