With my recent journey in the blogging world & the new business of Ethel Edith, Jade & I realized that we needed an upgrade in our life.  We had a computer from 2001, and we didn't even have the internet at home.  So we have a brand spanking new laptop & the wireless internet on its way!  I'm so excited!  This will also give me an opportunity to work at home when my kids are sick - which is often!

I quickly realized that I needed a place to work!  Yes I could sit on the couch and work, but if I happen to work from home - I really needed a desk!  So my brain went to work.  I went down to my basement to my plethera of things & drug up a cute little green desk & a bright orange chair.  I decided that I'd build this workspace in our bedroom.  We have a really large master & it was holding a chair that we really didn't use much.  Plus, if I'm actually working - I need a space that's away from the TV and the kids - somewhere quiet! 

I already had the lamp next to the chair that used to sit here.  I then hung our wedding picture above the desk & placed my most favorite picture of Aubrie on the desk.  She was a very difficult newborn & she cried a lot.  She's actually screaming on my shoulder in the picture, but that's why I love it so much!

Then, I headed down to my Mom's.  I needed something on the other wall that was unique and fun.  I found a fabulous cubby cabinet!  It's covered in old newspaper.  I was immediately drawn toward it!  Then, Mom and I dug some more, and found a bunch of old clocks.  They were perfect.  I placed them in the cubby cabinet & on the desk.  I'm thrilled now.  It's the perfect little workspace that I needed.

I also wanted to show you the rest of the room so it makes more sense.  This is the view you see when you come in the door.  We have 2 big double windows that provide lots of light.  I really like my curtains - they are white with printed hydrangeas on them.  I don't have a lot of white in my house, but I really like these!  To the right is our walk in closet, master bathroom, and the desk.

One of my favorite things in this room was made for me by my Mom for Mother's Day.  She traced both of my kids' hands & made wall hangings.  They are so cute and meaningful to me.  You see them immediately to the right when you come in our bedroom.

Another favorite thing in our room is Trudie's bed.  This was a gift from my Mom as well.  With a fun bold Ikea pillowcase - it's the perfect place for a queen like Trudie.


Our armoire has loads of storage!  It hides the TV & has 3 drawers for more clothes.  It used to be a hideous wood tone that was splattered with black paint so it looked aged.  I can't put into words how ugly it was.  I LOVE red, so one day it just came to me that duh - this thing needed painted!  So I painted it and aged it and spray painted the knobs black.  I really like this piece now.  It's large and substantial, and actually good looking now!
Here is our bed.  As you can tell - I like bold prints & colors.  I also love pillows so we have count 'em - 10 on the bed!  We also have a vinyl decal about marriage above the bed that is true to our marriage. 

Our headboard is painted red to match the armoire.  Jade actually built the headboard with a solid wood door, 4x4s and decorative trim.  It's aged as well and matches the armoire quite nicely.  He did a great job buildilng it for us when we were first married.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures.  Our master is very unconventional, but that's pretty standard for our home.  It makes Jade & I happy, so that's what counts :)  I can't wait to blog more to you in my new workspace!!