Aubrie is a story teller to say the least.  She decided that she wants Jade & I to have another baby.  Not just one though - she wants a boy and a girl!  (Scary thought considering my Mom is a twin, my brothers were twins, and 2 of my first cousins on my Mom's side also have twins - it obviously is rampant in my family!)

Aubrie told Jade & I at dinner that in order to have more babies we must first get more married.  She obviously doesn't know how this works!  To get more married we ride an elevator up to see Jesus.  There we do a one legged spin dance & that makes us more married.  (Yes - I can demonstrate this because we practiced).  Jesus will then give us the boy and girl babies.

She then proceeded to tell us that the girl will be named BaRecipe & the boy will be Morris.  I know - super hot names huh!  Jade told her he didn't think her brother & sister would like her because of their names she has picked out.  She responded "Oh they will have to.  Jesus will make them." 

Yes - she is wearing her underpants on her head.  We were at the hospital waiting for baby Caroline to arrive - she took days of labor - it was terrible for me as a big sister to wait - can't imagine what Maggie felt like!  Aubrie had lots of chocolate and got to stay up until mid-night.  This is what chocolate bars and a room to entertain looks like!