I thought I'd give you a fall view of our home.  We have done lots of landscaping this year.  It's been really a new interest for Jade and me.  I NEVER knew I would love trees like I do.  Again - I'm a weirdo.  We have went to the St. Louis Botanical Gardens two times just this year - mainly in awe of the trees & hanging baskets - seriously it's to die for gardening there!  We have purchased all kinds of landscaping books, planted gobs of trees (a new favorite is the American Beech tree - we don't have it yet, but oh man we're dying to get one), and we've finished the East side & North sides of our home.  The south side - that you see here we paid to have landscaped - our big splurge - we wanted to make the front right b/c we can always move our own diasters around later!  Spring 2010 will be a tough one for us!  We have plans for a cute brick paver patio off our back porch, and a fire pit/landscaping dream off our walk-out basement patio!  Lots of work and achy muscles are in our future!  We can't wait!
See tiny Trudie in the picture - she's fabulous!  Also - did you know RED was my favorite color?  Who knew!

Here is a view of our front porch.  It's all falled up right now.  I have a love of all things gourd-geous - ha ha I'm an idiot!  It's actually covered in hundreds of dead asian beetles right now.  I have to literally get out the leaf blower once a week to get rid of them it's disgusting!  I'm very anxious for Christmas - I can't wait to get out the wreaths and lights!  I LOVE Christmas!
Also - super big thanks go out to my cousins - they are masons & did the stone work for us - I love them like brothers!  They even included a plaque with our family name & anniversary by the garage - what a wonderful surprise from them!  If you need a mason or concrete work - they are the best!!