I thought I'd feature my kitchen next.  I LOVE my kitchen.  It's very fun and funky and totally me.  I have many collections of random things I love in this room.  The color is continued from the living room since everything is open to each other.  I ordered my cabinets with a glaze over them because I like the aged look.  It was the right fit for me. 

My absolute favorite thing in my kitchen is the island.  My husband and I went to a juried antique show to find this baby.  For those of you that don't go antiquing a juried show means only people with true antiques - old paint - etc are allowed to show.  This show had AMAZING pieces.  I seriously could have dropped a fortune there b/c the cabinets were expensive and to die for!  My husband and I snatched this island up for $325.  Some of my friends may think that's crazy expensive, but it was totally worth it!  You can't go out and find one of these treasures every day!  It is actually an old store counter from the late 1800's.