There is a Christmas tradition with elves - Elf on a Shelf - maybe you have heard it, maybe not. Some families have an elf that reports to Santa on how the kids are behaving at Christmas time. The parents move the elf throughout the house and their kids look for these elves each day to see where it has moved. I don't go that far b/c I know I'd forget. However, it is a great idea, and if it makes your kids behave - even better!

I have a small elf collection.  I'm not entirely sure where they came from.  I think my Mom - maybe my Gma Toots.  I really think they are fun and cute!  I like to place them throughout my home.  They add a bit of Christmas throughout my home.

Here I have an elf on some greenery to bring a little Christmas bling to the basement.  I also have an elf perched up on a small tree in a fabulous santa boot onmy kitchen island.