I posted a terrarium that I had admired.  I dreamed of filling it with fairylike items that would just make my babygirl's day, but boy was I wrong!!  Today I get a text message from my overly talented younger sister Maggie.  She is a hairdresser - so a lack of clients - does not mean a lack of creativity!  She has transformed their back room into a crafting room.  Today she made the most amazing jar ever for my nearly 4 year old!

This jar is BIG & filled with fairy dust and fairy treasures!  Beads, pearls, glitter, tulle, and baubles!  What more could a little girl dream up!!  Maggie took a darling little girl and put her in a birds next with glittery butterfly wings and an adorable tutu.  Little jewels dangle from the top of the jar. 

She created this for Aubrie's Christmas gift, but I'm doubting she lasts that long.  I need to video tape Aubrie's response when she gets this jar because it will be priceless!  Aubrie is all girl & LOVES to decorate already.  She's going to melt over this.  I have to admit - I'm also over the top excited about this jar.  It will be darling next to Aubrie's bed. 

Thanks Maggie Jo - you're the greatest!