I wish I had pictures for this post b/c this is crazy!  Background information - my parents own a trailer park in town.  Both my sisters and their husbands live in the trailer park.  Jade & I originally started in a trailer too before we built.  Ours however was in the country.  Well Maggie lived in a small trailer & recently moved to a larger 2 bedroom with a cathedral ceiling.  She and her husband Kylie just purchased a 2 bedroom 2 bath trailer that they were going to rent.  It was even bigger!  So they finished fixing it up and surprise - that day, decided they were moving again - 2nd time this year - to this even larger 2 bedroom trailer.  Then, Abbie & her jolly green giant husband Zac decided they would move from their tiny - and I literally mean like 2.5' wide hallway 3 bedroom trailer to Maggie & Kylie's old but bigger 2 bedroom trailer.  It really was needed b/c Zac is 6'4" and Abbie is like 5' 10"...they looked ridiculous in their tiny trailer!  So from Saturday thru today my sisters and Mom have been packing, moving, and wildly decorating 2 trailers!  I helped last night and it was a mad house at Abbie's.  Grab a laundry basket & act like you are robbing the joint.  I think they are getting stuff squared away today!  I can't wait to see both finished trailers b/c when they are done with them - they won't look like trailers at all!  Hopefully they will post pics on their own blogs for your viewing pleasure. 

So you can put faces with names - we have from left to right - Kylie & very pregnant (but tiny pregnant where it's ridiculous) Maggie, my Dad, my Mom, Abbie, Zac, Aubrie, Jade, Annie, & Everett

FYI - Maggie has since delivered the most beautiful baby girl - Caroline!  I'm an Aunt - wahoo!