My Story


My Story

Never feel sorry for people who are different from you.
— Annie Reid

Our family

Jade & I are high school sweet hearts that met in 1996 and later wed in 2004.  Shortly after marriage, we welcomed our first daughter, Aubrie & later our son Everett.  We thought life was perfect with our 2 beautiful kids in the house that Jade built for us. Then we were gifted on of the best surprises, Ollie Faith!  She was born rocking designer genes, aka Down syndrome & into heart failure.  She sailed through open heart surgery and is a healthy, vibrant little girl.  Her entrance into our live has changed every aspect of who we are!  She has brought us tremendous joy & teaches us daily to celebrate all the little things, because they are indeed the big things!  

Ollie's birth & life opened our eyes to the extreme needs within international adoption.  We quickly realized there were many beautiful children around the world waiting for families to bring them home, and that our family was the perfect home to provide love, confidence, and security to a child.  In 2016, we saw a video of Edie Joy on Facebook and knew she was our daughter.  We traveled to China in March of 2017 and brought her home to complete our family of 6.  She has been a tremendous gift to our family, and we never underestimate the extreme privilege that it is to be her parents!

We have a full house, and full hearts!  Jade & I are so passionate about investing into our health in the kitchen & in the gym so we can create generational health for our children, and their children. 

About faith

There was a time in my life when I didn't believe I could change things.  I didn't believe I would ever stay home to raise our kids.  I didn't believe I could afford to quit my job.  I didn't believe I would ever wear pants smaller than a size 10!  I didn't believe I could find a way to be happy in my skin.  I was stuck because a lack of belief!  My negative belief about who I was kept me in a trap!

But when I changed my thoughts and decided to believe that God had bigger plans for us... GUESS WHAT??  Life changed! There is no secret map to find success - truthfully it's rooted in BELIEF.

Your only limitation is your self!

The most important work we will ever do
is within the walls of our own home.
— Harold B. Lee

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