About Me

In 2011, my world was shifted upside down. My husband and I had just delivered our 3rd child, a little girl, and received a Down syndrome diagnosis & news that she had a very broken heart that would require open heart surgery. During that time our focus was 100% on getting her to her surgery date. I left my corporate career to care for her 24/7 which meant on top of our emotional stress, we also had financial stress. This time period of life forced us onto a form of disability public aid just to get by. Shortly after Ollie’s open heart surgery, I realized something had to change and I joined an online fitness accountability group to work on my personal health. That group changed everything for me! It gave me belief and hope that I could change my life. After 30 days I decided to start paying it forward & signed up to become a coach. The rest is history!

This opportunity has allowed me to change the life of my family! We turned off our public aid check within 4 months. By year 2 I had replaced my corporate career income, and by 3 we were 6 figure earners! Since then, I have been able to stay a full-time stay at home mom to our 4 children while working my business part-time! The income has allowed us freedom to travel & to give to charity. In 2017, we had our most exciting adventure to date! My husband & I flew to China & adopted home our 4th child, another little girl also rocking designer genes (Down syndrome) all because this opportunity gave us the finances to do so, and the time to invest into adoption & raising another child!


  • 7 Star / 1 Star Ranked Coach

  • 3 X Elite Coach

  • In the top 0.01% of the company out of 400,000 coaches

  • 6 Figure Earner

  • Organizational Leader - Impacting the lives of a team of over 1,5000